QR Code Generator

This white label QR code creator is sort of in beta right now, so I’l leaving it here for anyone to see without logging in.

I’ve got a short overview of each below, and here are some things that I still don’t like:

  • Facebook Twitter and Youtube – They don’t work, but who needs ’em?
  • Map scan – All roads lead to Palo Alto. This will be a handy feature to have but right now it’s just not working.
  • Some of the size options for the vCard do not work
  • There’s a second yellow popup hovering over the Text icon with gibberish.

This one should be obvious, just copy and paste any URL, and when someone scans it, that’s where they will go. Vary useful, likely moreso than any others here.

This one is confusing, and when I scanned one I was asked by my phone “what do you want to be the default action”? and the options were something like “ask me” and websearch (screenshot)

I chose “ask me” and that screen closed, so I then see my scan listed as a “Plain Text” – I’m not clear on why you might need this – Why not just send a link?

Send an email –
This pops up an e-mail preaddressed to whomever you type in the box, through the users default e-mail program. Very useful.

Phone –
Dials any number you want with the user’s cell phone. Again, pretty useful.

Vcard –
Users scan this code to add you to their address book. Especially Useful for business cards.

I think this one sends YOU a message from their phone that says… um.. what? Does .html work?

YouTube –
Does Not Work:
You can bring up a Youtube useraccount – How this is different than copy / pasting a link? Don’t use it.

Does not work: Type in the username and get that person’s facebook… why? Besides not working, there’s no reason for it. This needs to go away too, so don’t use it.

Does it work?:
Who cares – Once again, same thing – Whyy even have it here? Copy paste a URL is easier than knowing someone’s username, since you have to GO to the URL to figure out their username.

Does Not Work:
Enter the address, and when the user scans, it will open up a standard Google Maps experience for the user. Sounds great, but the map doesnt change when you change the address, and remains in Palo Alto Ca.

Photo –
I call this a “Branded QR Code” since you can embed an image in the center of the code and have the scan still work. Very useful, especially for visually keeping track of your own codes..

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