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What’s “wrong” with your “on-page” SEO?

Copy and paste a URL into the box below, and we’ll show you what might be wrong, explain it, and even how to fix most of it yourself.

To be sure it’s a valid URL, copy and paste right from your browser address bar, since redirected pages will not function. Please be patient as the full analysis can take up to 90 seconds.

If you have any trouble trying to run a report on a valid URL that will not function, please report it here and be sure to tell us the URL you are using so we can test.

Notable Issues Notable Issues Worth Reviewing Worth Reviewing Correct (or are they?) Correct (or are they?)

The advice and definitions here are written and verified for accuracy by Scott Hendison, the founder of SEO Automatic Tools, and the CEO of Search Commander, Inc.

Here’s a video of the tool in action…


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