Google Analytics Spam Referral Filter Import Tool

If you already know how to exclude bad referrers, then you know that entering just one domain filter is a time sucker, so this is really awesome.

What is the problem?

Spam referrals showing in Google Analytics have made your referral counts irrelevant with hugely inflated numbers. Sites like, and over 70 others are badly distorting your stats. In the case of a local business, more than half of their referral traffic can come from these “fake” websites!

What is The Solution?

This video shows you how to manually add domains filter from your in your Google Analytics reports, and then it shows how to save an enormous amount of time using this tool, by importing 4 filters of 70+ known spam domains directly into any linked Google Analytics account.

Why Multiple Filters?

The reason there are multiple filters is because Google limits the number of characters you can use in a query string. Not sure why, just another pain in the neck. So – the more domains there are, the more filters are needed.

Get started by clicking the initialize button below. You will be asked to authorize access to your Google Analytics data, and you will then see the available domains for filter importation. Use CTRL to select multiple domains.


How Current is the Spam List?

Last updated 5/21/2015 – The original source code for this tool was developed by Simo Ahava and shared at Github, and the source of the referral spam domains is Lone Goat


*Update* 8/2015

Try option 2 here – You may find it even faster and easier, plus it will work for historical data

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