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Google Rendered This Tool Useless, and Even Killed the API

In January of 2017, John Mueller from Google stated that there’s no particular order of the site: search. Bummer. Read about it here.

Which pages would get your highest Google Adwords Quality Score?

To which pages should you build links to improve rankings?

You can use Google to do a search for “site:yourdomain.com keyphrase” to get your top ranking pages, but that takes a lot of time. This tool automates the process using the old Google search API to search your domain for a list of phrases, then tells you which three pages rank the highest for each phrase, and then lets you export the list.


What can you do with this knowledge?
Instantly pinpoint what Google already says are your best URLs when setting up PPC ads. Since they already rank the best, they must logically have the best content, images, keywords etc. for that phrase, so that should help you attain the highest Quality Score by the AdWords team.

If you do a high volume, and are using the Google Adwords Editor, just keep the words in the same order as you use our tool, then copy / paste back into Adwords editor and upload.

This is not a substitute for building high conversion oriented PPC landing pages, but it’s still a great start! Now go test and improve.

What else can you use it for?
To improve organic rankings for the “right” pages. This knowledge is VERY useful for developing your link strategies and spotting needed improvements and corrections.

Does the “wrong” page on your site rank best? Fix it! Want to rank better for certain phrases? Add your phrases, run the results, then build links to the pages that Google is telling you. Want to get indented search results? Paste your #1 ranking phrases then build links to #2 or #3.

Just add your domain, paste your key phrases, and press the button.
(This tool is mirrored here.)


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