Unique SEO Tools

Instant SEO Review
A quick look at the on-page organic search ranking factors, with a “Lite” review, or log in for a full detailed report. Covers 20+ on-page search ranking factors instantly, then summarizes with commentary and specific solutions. Immediately available with your free account.

Keyword List Multiplier
Here’s the first tool we ever created, and it allows for easy and instant combination of keyword lists so you can “cover all your bases” for all the different variations of cities, states, categories etc. when setting up a PPC campaign. What used to be an endless process of copying and pasting, is now a pushbutton task.

Bulk Response Checker
Ever needed to check the server response of a large batch of URL’s to see which might be redirected, or come up 404 not found? It’s currently for use here only, but may be coming soon as a WordPress plugin too!

Anchor Text Variation Tool
This tool allows you to put a list of URLs on one side, then a list of varied anchor text on the other side, press a button, and get a complete list of every possible variation of text links and landing pages, that you can then give to your bloggers, authors, programmers, etc. to add to your content. Huge time-saver, and totally free.

Feed Commander – Automatic Formatting & Display for RSS Feeds
This tool was born out of hearing the frustration of many developers concerning “How to add an RSS feed to a webpage”. We developed a tool that runs any valid feed on any site, by making the feed appear in the correct size box you wish, with the font or length you desire.

Bulk site: search – Landing Page Determinator
Manually running a Google site: search for hundreds of phrases could take someone hours. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply paste in a list of keywords and a domain name, and see exactly what ranks the highest, to use for PPC landing pages or for linkbuilding? Now you can with this tool! – (Note that this tool uses Google’s old search API which they discontinued in 2013, so it may stop working at any time)

Structured Data Builder
This tool easily generates structured data for a local business in a way Google understands using JSON-LD to create the structured data, which Google endorsed in January of 2015 as a markup format, and using it will enable you to pass Google’s structured data test.

CSV File Merger (new for 2015)
Copy. paste, copy. paste, copy,  paste, copy,  paste,  copy,  paste, over and over.  Take a break, then copy,  paste, copy,  paste, copy,  paste, copy, paste some more. Tedious, right? OR simply upload your CSV files, press a button, and merge them to download one file. 

Google Analytics Spam Referral Filter Tool
Editing the spam referral filters for just one client can take a long time. With this tool, you can cut your time by over 95%.  10 hours for 100 clients? Use this once and you’ll save a lot of time.




Activate Links in Excel spreadsheets
Have you ever needed to make a bunch of links “live” from inside an Excel spreadsheet? After you import or paste from another list or program, they’re just listed, and when you click them they go nowhere. We developed a macro that you can download for free, that works with Office 2003 or 2007, and it’s pretty easy to use.


Co Branded Tools

Here are a couple of other affiliated tools that are pretty impressive, which we have either white-labeled from them, or used their offered API.

Malware Scanning – Sucuri
Just enter a URL and this tool does the rest, scanning your site files for malware, checking blacklists, and even looking for URL injections.  Paid members here at SEO Automatic already get free domain monitoring, but now with this tool, everyone can get a quick site scan at no charge!

QR Code Creator
This is a pretty slick code creator that gives you almost every option imaginable, all from one place. You can even create a QR code with your logo or any other image in the center.

Linkbuilding Task Creator – Lotus Jump
I first was introduced to LotusJump at Pubcon 2009, and I was so knocked out by their offerings, that I HAD to sign up.   When aspects of your linkbuilding advice can be put on “automatic”,  it’s a natural fit for me! They offer two different service plans and a free trial, and I guarantee you’ll be as amazed as I was.

Search Ranking Reports – Authority Labs 
We’ve partnered with a Authority Labs to bring you search ranking reports.  Authority Labs has become the industry standard when it comes to accurate reporting of rankings.  You can run reports just for your own domain, or search marketing firms can get the white label version to use for clients, which is what we use.  Check ’em out for yourself – the trial doesn’t even need a credit card!

Research Competitors – SEM Rush
What if you don’t know what phrases you already might rank for? We’ve been able to use the API for SEM Rush, which is a tool that will instantly tell you what a domain is ranking for in the search results.  At their site, they can even provide PPC information, but we’re focused on the organic here.

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