Since the commercial version of the SEO URL checker is so flexible, there are a number of ways that your marketing oriented business might use it.

Development of a tool like this yourself would take months and cost thousands, but all the work is already done, and it installs in your WordPress in 90 seconds.

Your license allows you to:

  • Use a limited basic SEO report as link bait, offering your your expertise to prospective clients and site visitors.
  • Run it internally for your employees only, ensuring that your designers / SEO staff turn out pages that pass your company criteria.
  • Offer a full detailed evaluation of your findings to clients or potential clients for a fee, customizing only minimal text for each incredibly lengthy report.
  • Use it as an employee training tool, teaching your developers to details about how to fix each item in whatever platform or server setup you work with.
  • Use it for your telephone sales department, with a detailed script of exactly what to say about any chosen factor, ensuring a consistent message among your staff.
  • Install it on a clients site, customizing the advice to their specific company, their niche, and their industry. This allows *YOU* to give them your advice 24 x 7.
  • Add it to your paid membership site, allowing members to use it for free, or even for a premium charge.
  • Add the tool behind a single password protected page for which you change the password monthly for clients, allowing only your chosen clients exclusive access to the tool.
  • Make it available only after a contact form is filled out, providing you with their name, email and contact information.
  • Offer different advertising and calls to action on the “results page” depending on who is using it.

These are all I could think of on the spot, but if you get creative, I’m sure there are more.

How else would you use it?

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