We add and remove things from our free toolbar all the time, but recently we had a lot more changes than usual, so I thought I’d wrap them up in a post.

Google Tools:image
We were forced to remove the “Google looking” G from the Google tools menu item. 

Apparently, even though all of the links  in the section WERE all pointing to Google services, we’re not allowed to show you that, because its a trademarked G. In fact, I cant even use any sort of G on a white background!

Sadly, Google has also discontinued their search based keyword tool so it was (also sadly) removed from our toolbar. I still don’t know why they did that…

The “recommended” section of the toolbar is filled with links and software  that are actually in use by me personally, or by Search Commander, Inc employees on a regular basis.  

Some of the links are affiliate links, and some are not, but I stand behind them all, including each of the linkbuilding recommendations. If you’re ever not satisfied with anything I recommend, please tell me about it!

The linkbuilding section had numerous changes last month, and I actually had some negative feedback about the “type” of some of the services I had listed. This is even though I have them clearly labeled as “Definitely Evil and Wrong” –  Can you imagine that? 😉



Remember, if you use any of these sort of “unsavory” linkbuilding services out there you can’t let any one service account for the majority of your back links.

Everything you do leaves a sort of  “footprint” on your  link graph, and while you’re striving to build “good” links, be sure to mix it up with all sorts of different links. Like I’ve been saying for years, diversity is the key to linkbuilding.

If this sort of thing falls outside your ethical boundaries, then just don’t do it, and you’ll sleep well knowing that you’re not trying to “cheat” as Google Webmaster Tools calls it. On the other hand, if you want to actually stand a competetive chance…

Two copywriting services were removed from the toolbar altogether, but I won’t name them here. The fact is, as good copywriters become busier and busier, they have to do one of two things; They either have to have their content written by others, or they have to charge more for their services. We’ve been having continued success with the few we have listed, and the price is very very good.

Spinning Software:
The Best Spinner was added last month into the copywriting area. (You don’t think we’d waste that great copy by using it only once, do you?)

Over the years we’ve tried a lot of them, and this is the granddaddy of all of ’em. I know of no other spinning API that is so widely used in other programs.

Their “spinning syntax” is being used in everything from WordPress plugins to stand-alone software and subscription packages. The Best Spinner seems to be setting the standard, but remember, you STILL HAVE TO WORK at it! Entertaining thoughts of MINDLESSLY pressing a button and expecting success is simply foolhardy. Still though, it’s damn good.

GP Scraper
GP Scraper was added – GP Scraper does ALL of the mind numbing competition research that would typically take you several hours to compile manually.

Add a phrase – get the top 10 organic and top 10 Google places listings – Get / gather every desireable / conceivable SEO feature, and compile all of the necessary stats. Amazing.

If you’ve not tried the toolbar, you can read more about it here

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