I’m excited to announce that we have now implemented three more SEO ranking factors into the on-page URL review tool.

All three are important for a variety of reasons, and I think adding them into the tool was long overdue.

The three factors are:

  • Existence of the rel=”canonical” tag
  • Existence of rel=”me”, rel=”author” or rel=”publisher tag
  • Existence of a KML sitemap

The rel=canonical tag is used to tell the search engines what you want to be the “real” URL for a page, keeping them from indexing multiple versions of the same page. For example, if a blog post is in multiple it may be accessible multiple URLs. Using a single canonical tag keeps just one version in the SERPs.

Having these “relationship links” back to Google in your code shows that you’re taking credit and responsibility for the page and/or the entire site. Think of this as sort of “verifying your legitimacy” for your Google+ author profile or even your Google+ company page. Google talks about rel=”publisher here and you can read about the rel=author tag here.

KML sitemap
A business with a physical location needs one of these Keyhole Markup Language files, which can help Google determine your precise location. For now, the best KML file creator that we know of is here.

The tests are live here on our site now, and we’ll be adding them to our white label +WordPress plugin later today.

While we’re on a roll, can anyone think of any more on-page on-page factors worth examining?

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