I’m rolling out the agency version of SEO Automatic today as a WordPress plug-in, and at $1000, it will likely come under fire by those who haven’t yet tried it.

SEO Automatic will allow purchasers to easily brand, market, edit and mold the on-page SEO evaluation as they see fit for their use.

On the one hand, $1000 might seem like a lot, but on the other hand, how many tens of thousand of dollars have been spent by large companies to develop their own internal systems that deliver far less?

If you’re already an SEO automatic member or you’ve seen the reports, then you know how valuable this can be for your company. Check out the video to see how it works.

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Scott Hendison was a Portland Oregon computer store retailer that built a successful on-site computer repair business through Pay Per click and organic search engine optimization. Searching for “Internet consultant” or “search engine expert” today on nearly any search engine will find Scott Hendison on the front page, usually near the top of the results, with over 10 million competing web pages in this competitive field.

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