Contrary to popular belief, Internet experts are not immune to having their websites hacked, and I am certainly no exception. We manage over 300 WordPress sites, and I confess that we have had dozens of sites hacked or defaced over the years.

I can assure you that cleaning up hacked sites is no picnic, and keeping them protected is no easy task… That’s where Sucuri comes in.

Sucuri Monitoring


Recently we began using Sucuri as our preferred method of not only cleaning up hacks, but to provide constant monitoring too.

In the event a site DOES get hacked, we are notified immediately, BEFORE Google indexes the site and gives us the “this site may harm your computer” warning in the search results.

Free Hack Cleanups

One of the most amazing things they offer, is to clean up any hacked website at no charge when you’re a paid account holder.

If you have a site that’s hacked already, you can sign up as a new customer, request a cleanup, provide them with your login and FTP details, and they’ll clean it up fast!

In the past month, Sucuri has cleaned up four hacked sites for us, neglected WP sites, all within a matter of MINUTES. One  of the sites took over an hour, but that was due to an erroneous entry on my part of the FTP information.

From the very first site, I was absolutely stunned at their service, and I knew we had to offer something like this to our members.  Unfortunately, at $89 per year to monitor a single site,  the price was a little bit intimidating.

Free Sucuri Monitoring for Paid Members

Beginning today, we are offering our Basic and Pro account holders the full protection of monitoring via our own corporate Sucuri account, including free hack cleanups.

If you’re a pad member that would like to take advantage of this please fill out the form below, and be sure to include a WordPress admin login so we can install the WordPress plugin too.

If you are a free account holder here at SEO Automatic,  we can’t provide you with the Sucuri monitoring service at no charge,  but we CAN still highly recommend their service, and you can sign up for your own account here 

 But if you ARE a paid member here, then all you need to do is fill out the form below, and we’ll get you added to our account as our way of saying thank you, and another added member benefit.

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