We’re currently having some issues with a couple of our plugins, primarily because I chose to use a separate menu item rather than clutter up the WordPress default menus.

I’ve always hated when the WP menus got so long you couldn’t find things, and appreciated plugins that created their own section, but now WordPress has made things “more secure”.

Multiple plugins have experienced similar problems, and the most common error you will see is “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

Our Issues:

  • The links in the description on the main plugin page may not work in our Core Tweaks plugin, but the left menu is fine.
  • Links inside the plugin admin pages that aren’t on our main left menu may not work, and we don’t want to clutter that up as a stupid workaround)
  • Affiliate Store Plugin is the only one severely affected, and it simply doesn’t work

It becomes difficult to keep up with extreme and large amounts of changes all at one time, but we are addressing the problem right now. We are committed to taking care of implementing those changes to not intefere with the increased security in WP.

It’s interesting to note that many plugin developers and users have been experiencing these same issues, and many have been making changes that work for their plugins. Please be patient as we get the upgrade ready that corrects any issues you are dealing with, and we’ll keep updating you here

Here are some additional references and resources:

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