When we released the SEO Automatic URL review, I thought it was pretty unique, in that I was able to give someone my own SEO advice about a particular URL.

The concept behind it was simple, and be using commonly accepted SEO best practices, our review tool could examine any URL, and provide feedback within just a minute telling someone how to “fix” things.

However, this approach is reactive, as opposed to proactive, and I remember thinking at the time that it would be really great if there were some way to give this feedback BEFORE the page is posted, directly in the edit screen of a WordPress page.

There was already a monthly service that does this called Scribe SEO but there was no simple WP plugin.

How cool would it be if I could make a tool that provided feedback as someone typed, so they could fix it before they even posted the page?

Not only would that ensure proper on page “optimization” but it would also educate the writer / client / user, and pretty soon it would become second nature.

While that thought remained unfulfilled on my wish list, I ran across a plugin the other day that does exactly what I’d intended.

As the user is in the edit screen, with each saved draft, the tool provides feedback on exactly what they’re doing, and tell them how to fix it. I was floored, and bought it just to check it out.

Because this tool also uses generally accepted SEO best practice techniques, I not only bought it, but we are planning to install it on our Search Commander, Inc. client blogs too, where they have users adding content.

The only downside I’ve found is that if the theme tweaked properly with an H1 hack for WordPress, this tool doesn’t recognize that fact, and still recommends that the user add one. Otherwise, it’s darn near perfect!

Search Commander Inc. and SEO Automatic are proud to be an affiliate of this amazing product, ond only regret that we didn’t do it it first.

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