Update – In early 2012 this plugin began causing errors in IE8 – Don’t get it!

A few months ago, I was looking for a way to hide content on a WordPress post or page, that would only be revealed after you got yourself a “Like”.

There was nothing available that I could find anywhere, and I promptly filed it in my “plug-ins we should make” file, and forgot about it.

The other day I was looking for it again, and stumbled across a blog post about one that was in development, and I actually got a hold of a copy about a week ago.

Here’s a really fast video showing it in action, then how I used it on this post:


All you have to do is highlight a section of text to “protect” and then hit the button that’s been added to your WordPress editor.

A small window pops up, you fill in a few options, and you’re done. As soon as someone hits “Like” they can see the rest of the information you want to give them.

This morning it was released as a WSO, and as I write this, the license is still under $13 to use on as many sites as you own, and there’s an additional client license coming soon.

Where can you get the plugin?

Right Here

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