There are almost 500 registered users now, and over 2600 URL reports have been run to date, and we’ve had less than a dozen reports with one of three problems:

1. This exact same problem – “Please enter a valid URL” – (I’d recommend trying it with and without the http:// , same for the www, and without a trailing slash, although all those results should be identical)

2. An apparent server memory problem related to some sort of site structure we cant’ put our finger on yet – but it’s only hapenned 2x

3. A weird error appears to sort of blow up the MY SQL database onto the screen – 4 or 5 times

All three of these issues appear only for specific URL’s which to me, suggests an inherent problem with those URL’s or their webhosts!

Feel free to email me the URL or share here and I can test myself, but these reports have never been able to be replicated with other URLs,  so we haven’t pursued it all that hard.

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