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Internet marketing folks may use our unique SEO Tools as a free WordPress plugin from, or they can choose the “white label” SEO Tools Pro version, removing our backlinks.

You can run the free tools on your own WordPress installation, making them available for your site visitors, your staff, or whomever you wish, with no restrictions at all. Simply use the shortcodes provided, and the tools run in your WP site just like they do here.

The tools we’ve included with this free plugin are…

For your end users:
URL Checker
A version of our URL checker allowing you to edit the SEO advice that your visitors will see when they run the review tool on your site.  Quickly edited from within your own WordPress admin panel, you can put the shortcode in any page or post. Awesome.

Feed Commander
Allow your site visitors to format any valid RSS feed to display as you wish, and use that code on any website, and deploy the anchor text of your choice. Caution: Since this will build backlinks and anchor text to the URL of your choice, do not use it for evil.

For SEOs
Anchor Text Variance
Allow your site visitors to put a list of URLs on one side, then a list of varied anchor text on the other side, press a button, and get a complete list of every possible variation of text links and landing pages, that you can then give to your bloggers, authors, programmers, etc. to add to your content.

Keyword List Multiplier
Allow your site visitors to easily and instantly create a combination of keyword lists to “cover all their bases” for all the different variations of cities, states, categories etc. when setting up a PPC campaign.

Bulk URL Server Response checker
Allow your site visitors to check the server response of just one or a large batch of URL’s to see which might be redirected or come up 404 not found.

Where do you get it?

Download it here from, or you check out our white label SEO Tools Pro.

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