No Followizer

Our No Followizer plugin has been tested compliant with WordPress 2.8 , but as of June 16, 2009, we have removed it from the site for download, due to all of the speculation and uproar that is taking place in the SEO community after Matt Cutts’ comments at SMX regarding the use of Nofollow.

Here’s what the plugin DID –
This plugin gives you ultimate control over any given page or post, by allowing for easy addition of the nofollow tag to any or all of the links.

A collapsible box gets added to the top right of the admin area of each post and page, offering you full control over the header, footer, sidebar, content and comment links.


Users can then selectively nofollow the header, footer, sidebars of any page or post, and can also choose individual links in the body text or even in the comments. (Read about why this plugin was created)

So why is this page still here?
Because I think it was historic, and I’m not ready to declare it completely dead. Who’s to say nofollow might not become a valid strategy again some day… ?

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