When it comes to niche search engine optimization, there are simply too many variables for any single person to have all the answers.

For example,

  • How do you put unique description tags into your category pages on OS commerce?
  • How do you have your title tag & H1 tag be different in Drupal?
  • How do you nofollow selected menu items in Joomla?

Who knows all that without looking it up, and knowing where to look? Do you? Probably not, but I’ll bet you could rattle off specifics about each factor for [your-favorite-product-or-CMS-name], don’t you?

Every content management system and e-commerce platform has its idiosyncrasies, and with my automatic site review tool, I can show you exactly what needs to be overcome in a general environment, but how exactly are you going to fix it in your sites environment?

I’m looking for experts in: Joomla, ZenCart, OS Commerce Movable Type, Drupal, Blogger, and anything else that has a good community behind it.

If you can recommend someone, please provide a link and comment, especially if you’re an expert yourself.  Or, pick up the phone and call me…

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Scott Hendison was a Portland Oregon computer store retailer that built a successful on-site computer repair business through Pay Per click and organic search engine optimization. Searching for “Internet consultant” or “search engine expert” today on nearly any search engine will find Scott Hendison on the front page, usually near the top of the results, with over 10 million competing web pages in this competitive field.

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