Once again, we needed a tool that didn’t exist, to determine the best landing pages for a bunch of PPC ads, so we built it.  The tool is also useful for ensuring that the “right” page ranks on your site too.

Landing Page Determinator
If you want to know what page on your site ranks best for a given phrase, all you have to do is enter  “site:domain.com keyword phrase”  into the Google search box, and you’ll see what Google says ranks best.


More often than not, using that top result as the landing page for a PPC ad will get you the best Adwords Quality Score possible without a lot of tweaking, so it’s something we’ve done a lot of when setting up large campaigns.

However, doing it manually for dozens or hundreds of phrases is a ridiculous task, so we automated the process with this tool for a bulk site: search .

We think it’s pretty useful… What do you think?

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