On March 30, 2012 Facebook is rolling out the new look for their pages, and you’re not going to have a choice whether or not to show that new look.

That means that  if, like us, you’ve created some nice vertical banners for your Facebook pages, either for for yourself or for clients,  that’s just too bad –  Yet again, you’ll need to create brand new ones.

Perhaps you took the time to painstakingly place your logo so it will show exactly where Facebook auto-crops it?  Too bad, so sad, do it again.

Today, the Search Commander, Inc. Facebook page looks like this,




and next month,  unless we redo it, the Facebook page will look like this –



We have to fix literally dozens of Facebook pages, and it’s going to be a chore, but while doing a little research, I found this handy guide on slideshare from Lisa Kalner Williams Sierra Tierra Marketing, and I thought I’d share it w/ you here.

It’s great information, right down to exactly what I was REALLY looking for in the first place – the correct maximum pixel size for a “cover photo” – 851px x 315px.

Here are her slides, and there’s also a great guide to the new Facebook pages on Hubspot.



You May Not:

I’ve taken this screen shot right from Facebook this morning:


So to be clear, this is your company Facebook page we’er talking about, and in that space, you are not allowed to offer any sort of enticement,  bargain, download, procing info, CONTACT info, or any other company information, or any requests for sharing, or for friendship, or even USE the words “like” or share”.  Okay –  Got it.

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