Dashboard Setup

This is where paying members will enter information for the various services we’re providing.
Please verify (TEST) your login information before providing it to us. Yes, we know the form is lengthy, but at least you only have to fill it out once!

  • White Label WP Plugin

    Basic members may run the WordPress SEO Tools plugin on just one domain of their own, while Pro members may run the plugin on unlimited domains, including those of your clients. List your choice(s) here...
  • Malware Web Monitoring:

    As a Basic member, you get a single domain monitored with Sucuri, and as a Pro member, you are entitled to three.

    FTP Info is only needed for Pro members, who have 100% free malware removal included with their plan.

    To expedite the process of any future malware removal, you may either create an FTP username and password for us with full access, OR, provide us with your web hosting control panel login and we'll create our own.
  • WordPress Access (Pro Members Only)

    As a Pro member, you not only get basic malware monitoring, but you also get a full installation of the Sucuri Pro plugin at each of the three domains.

    This is *not* the same as the one they offer for free at Wordpress.org, and we will install this one for you.

    We prefer that you create a login just for us with admin permissions, using the email address seoautomatictools@gmail.com.

    However, if you give us your own login here, then we'll take care of it.
  • Raventools Dashboard - Basic & Pro

  • Google Analytics

    If we are going to add a Raventools Dashboard for you, then we need you to provide us with access to your own Google Analytics.

    The recommended option is for you to simply authorize the email address "seoautomatictools@gmail.com" as an admin for both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

    Another option is to provide your Google account information below and we'll take care of it.
  • Facebook

    To get your Facebook business page stats inside of your Raventools Dashboard, here's the process:

    We must LIKE your page first, which we'll usually do quickly, and THEN you will be able to add us (seoautomatictools@gmail.com) as an admin.

    If you don't know how, or if this is too confusing, add your Facebook login below also and we'll take care of it.
  • Twitter:

    To see your Twitter stats in your Raventools dashboard, you must provide us the URL and password so we can generate and approve what Twitter calls an "access token".
  • Keyword Ranking Reports

    Basic members get 15 phrases to track, and Pro members can track up to 60. Pro members may track all their phrases under a single domain, or they can split them among the three.

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