Our full version of the SEO Automatic iPhone app has been available for sale since October 2010, but Apple has for some reason, made it “unavailable for purchase” since early February, and our support tickets to them have gone unanswered.

Here’s a quick video showing what’s going on, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience (and for our lost revenue) but we seem to be at their mercy.


Although it took over 2 weeks, I finally did get a helpful reply. It seems that just because my annual payment successfully processed, did not mean that my contract was in effect.

The email had me log in to the developer account, then go to Contracts, Tax, and Banking where I had a contract in need of REapproval.

Seems like a major shortcoming beyong just slow support! If the app is NOT actually for sale, then I shouldn’t have a green light in my control panel, should I?

Oh well…

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