iPhone App

In 2017 Apple pulled the app from the store, saying it no longer meets their standards. Sorry ;(

The SEO Automatic URL Checker WAS available as a free iPhone app, showing shows ALL of the same organic ranking factors as our full monthly member report. Android App

The only difference between the free version and the paid one, is that the Pro app lets you email the URL reports to any address.

If you have iTunes installed, you can download the free app here or you can buy the full version directly from Apple.

Unlike reports that you run here on the site, there’s no monthly subscription required, and there’s no limit to the number of URL’s you can run from the palm of your hand.

The commentary, advice, and opinions have been shortened a bit, but the facts remain the same. All the reference links obviously aren’t there, but basically, it’s all right in the palm of your hand, for your Ipod Touch or Iphone.

Download Lite version – Free

Download Pro version (emails the reports) – $9.99

Not got an iPhone? Try the SEO Automatic Android App

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