Search Commander, Inc. LogoScott Hendison of Search Commander, Inc. originally conceived of SEO Automatic in 2008 as an SEO review tool that could critique a webpage in an instant with his own advice.

That program was quickly turned into a WordPress plugin so others could offer their own definitions and advice about those 20+ basic “SEO fundamentals”, or “search ranking factors”.

That was followed with the 2009 release of a perfect WordPress setup plugin which saves even the most experienced WordPress users at least 20 minutes for every setup.

Throughout the rest of 2009 we released:

In 2010 we launched:

Free to the Public

The tools are here free for anyone to use, and the only reason anyone would pay is to “white label” the tools in their own domain.

Why the name “SEO Automatic”?
Just like with any business process, the key to success is efficient systematization and replication, and that was the original philosophy behind the name.

Google is the number one search engine in the world not only because they deliver fast & relevant search results, but because they’ve successfully automated their process.

They’ve leveraged technology to be efficient. Google doesn’t rank websites manually, or they’d never be able to keep up!

From the time I edited my first title tag, until the time I fully adopted WordPress for developing websites,  I was of course, doing everything manually.

As our business grew,  the employees learned the “right way” to do SEO, but once they knew what to do, they would then spend endless hours performing repetitive tasks.

There aren’t enough minutes in those hours,  so we developed our own tools, applications, and processes to replace those repetitive tasks. This allows us to better focus on growing and running each business creatively.

A Little History

Sitting in the audience at the 2007 SES Local show in Los Angeles, I mentioned to someone that the reason I preferred using WordPress was because we could make it “do all of the “SEO stuff” automatically, allowing clients and authors to simply add content and build links.

I told him I was pretty much on “SEO Automatic”, and the minute I said it, I popped open my laptop and registered the domain name.

Time rolled on, and in the summer of 2008, I ran across another site with a similar tool, and I contacted them about becoming a sponsor, or even the exclusive sponsor of their nifty tool, and they blew me off.

I emailed them three times before they suggested they suggested that I target them in the Google Content Network with a banner.

I then offered to license the tool for use in my own domain, and while they said it was an interesting idea, they didn’t want to, so we built our own, turning the tools into a WordPress plugin.

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