One of our favorite plug-ins, one that we install for EVERY SINGLE WordPress site we build, is WordPress SEO by Joost de Valk.

However, we found that Joosts plugin was causing sites to fail the portion of our URL Checker test where our tool looks for the presence of an XML sitemap.

This was happening because the actual filename of the XML file his plugin generates is a bit out of the norm – or at least one we’d not anticipated. As a result, we have now updated our SEO Tools WordPress plugin

I discovered this by getting a phone call from one of our white label SEO tools customers, saying he was embarrassed when one of his clients told him this about a WP site he personally built…

“Your supposedly ‘perfect’ WordPress set up is missing the XML sitemap, and it told me so at the SEO test you have on your website!”

Yep, I can see how that might be embarrassing…

I’ve always known that was a weakness in our tool, where if somebody gave an unconventional name to their XML site map then we couldn’t detect it, but as this WordPress SEO plug-in spreads, I’m sure we’ll run into it a lot more more often.

I’m not sure why Yoast named the file that way, except that this structure is probably better to accommodate whatever growth a site might take over time.

Anyway, we’ve now fixed our tool here on the site, and we’ve updated our free WordPress SEO Tools plug-in as well, so your own URL checker will include that change.

Users should update your WordPress plugin as usual, and there’s nothing you’ll need to do – that is aside from having to now submit the new XML sitemap URL in Google Webmaster tools on all of your websites, and delete your old sitemap.xml – (both the file and the WMT listing)  –  You’re on your own for that, I’m afraid. 😉

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