I need to warn you about our experience with a product called EZ WP Cloner, distributed by Kenneth Reno and Oliver Bowen.

We’ve long looked for a way to easily, reliably, and efficiently move and backup WordPress sites, and after I found an absolutely fantastic WordPress cloning product in November, we abandoned development of our own.

The product that I bought in November was called WP Twin, and it’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t stress how highly I recommend it, and how we rely on it. It’s been used it on so many websites that you probably wouldn’t believe me!

Then, I made the mistake of buying ANOTHER one that was supposed to be similar, partially because it was a supposed to be even more convenient, but mostly because it offered us resale & distribution rights.

One day before Christmas we got an e-mail sales pitch for something called EZ WP Cloner. The sales page looked typical, and they have a great video, and it seemed to do what WP-Twin did with the added time-saving feature of not having to install a default version of WordPress at the destination host.

Granted, that would only save about 45 seconds, but this plug-in was available with resale and distribution rights that would’ve enabled me to give a copy to every single one of my PAID members.

I couldn’t give it away to free members, but I figured if that it would be an incentive to get a few more paying monthly members, so why not?

I won’t bore you with the technical details, but let’s just say that it didn’t work for us out of the box, and in fact, on five different servers, we were only able to get it to work on one. What a disappointment!

In the very beginning, my programmer Heather was courteous, kind, and patient with Kenneth Reno and his programmer Oliver, and they returned the same sort of responses – in the beginning – although they were very slow – days.

She finally ended up creating logins for them for FTP, for WordPress, and even, I believe, for one hosting control panel.

Even though it was taking 3-5 days to answer tickets, they SEEMED to want to resolve it, but after they left things sit unanswered for over a week, so I went into the ticket and commented.

That seemed to move things along with an apology and a commitment to get it looked at, but after hearing nothing for another week, our issue got moved to a new support system, where Oliver the programmer was supposed to handle it.

Then, they “accidentally” deleted the support ticket, losing all the history! Oliver again promised to look at it in mid January, but he’s completely stopped answering.

Finally, in early February, I sent Oliver not one, but TWO separate emails, offering to pay his full programming rate for the additional support – simply to FIX the product – so the the product would benefit because it would work for more people!

It’s now been over 30 days since they have answered ANYTHING, and here are the last two messages I left on the support board – I’m done.


Before you tell me that it’s something tragic must have happened to Oliver,  I do know this is not the case.

He is reportedly healthy and active, and continues to develop his own businesses, which,  like Ken Reno, seems to hawking products by email.  The related support thread at Ken Reno’s help desk has also been blown off, so I think they simply took the money.

Were you going to buy EZ WP Cloner?
If you happened to have found this page looking for reviews of EZ WP Cloner, save your money – you can have it for free.  Just comment below and I’ll e-mail you a copy.

Since they won’t refund the $300, and they won’t answer me,  I will give it to you to, umm… “test”.   We cannot get it to consistently work, and the code is encrypted so we can’t fix it. However, like I said, we did get to work on one of five servers, so maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll work for you.

What Will Work?
If you ARE interested in a functional solution that seems to work on all server platforms, you probably want to check out WP Twin – the best solution we’ve come across (so far), for moving, cloning, or backing up a WordPress installation.

* Update 11/2011 – After Oliver discovered this post, he got in touch and promised a resolution in three days. That ultimately turned to another week, then he stopped answering altogether – and that was in June or July – screw it, here’s the file, and good luck….

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