As I write this, our programmer Heather is putting the final touches on the newest Core Tweaks WordPress Setup plugin, and we expect to have the newest version 3.0 uploaded to within the hour.

I’m excited that it’s coming out before WordPress 3.0 does, and that we already know that it’s fully compatible when 3.0 does come out.

Structurally there aren’t a ton of differences, although a couple of the functions now use hooks, and are no longer theme specific, which is a plus.

However, there are some brand new feature additions, and some improved items too, like:

  • You can reorder your static page menu pages and sub pages. WP-admin> Pages > My Page Order on the menu to drag and drop as needed.
  • You can exclude any pages you wish from main navigation.  WP-admin> Tools > Page Links menu item and check / uncheck as desired.
  • A new page navigation widget was added. Look in the widget options for checkbox page selection to include or remove pages from the widget nav.
  • Enhanced the RSS widget – WP-admin >Appearance > Widgets you’ll notice that we have enhanced it, allowing you to nofollow the links or to open them in a new window.
  • There will be a static sitemap page automatically added, but there are additional options are under WP-admin>Settings > DDsitemapGen
  • Post Teaser display options are available under WP-admin > Settings > Post Teaser
  • Create privacy page at setup – All future edits will be done in the pages > edit screen as usual.
  • Create contact page at setup – All future edits will be done in the pages > edit screen as usual.
  • Add info to footer option for Privacy, admin login,  site-map and copyright information
  • Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol
  • Enable the XML-RPC publishing protocols for WP, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger

As you can see, we’re evolving into a bit more of a site builder, by automating manual tasks, but of course it’s critical that we maintain 100% compatibility with WordPress, and that we have minimal conflict with any other plugins.

It’s been a painstaking process, and for a free plugin, I think it’s pretty damn remarkable, if I do say so myself.

If you’ve used it even once you’ve saved at least 20 minutes, and if you use it regularly, you might have saved countless hours or days.

The Programmer Behind the Plugin

Heather  – a.k.a. Dzynit is the one that I asked “Cant we just make these steps into a plugin?”  and over the past couple of years, she’s put in countless hours.

Sure we do pay her, but not nearly well enough, and she’s put in a ton of her own time too, making this as perfect as can be.

When you consider that if everyone of the 10,000 downloads from WordPress was used only ONCE,  the number of man hours saved is at least 3500 hours. That’s a year of full time employment for 1 and a half people!

Heather is Getting Married

She lives in the rural countryside of Pennsylvania, U.S. where DSL is the best she can get!. She is getting married on July 4th, 2010, and I wanted to give her some props here, and I hope that you, some of the 10,000+ people that have used the plugin, might show her a little appreciation too…

Here are two ways to thank Heather (Dzynit) for working so hard…

Thanks again for all your hard work Heather, and I’m off to get you something from your wishlist right now…

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