This theme is a strange one, and today we’re cleaning up some of the issues that many friends have pointed out… Namely, that I don’t seem to have any eye for detail or concern for looking professional!

That’s not exactly true, but I do admit that I didn’t check this thing for browser compatibility and it seems to have quite a few issues with Internet Explorer. Sigh… I’m so tired of fighting with this.

Anyway, the contact page finally looks better, the lines are lining up over on the right hand side now, and all of the bugs seem to be worked out of the program.

Because the page checking application is a stand-alone installation, and is not running inside of WordPress (yet) we seem to be having fits trying to get it to run the URL search box on the homepage.

For now I’ve placed a link there, but our programmer is working diligently to try and get things working inside the WordPress environment entirely.

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Scott Hendison was a Portland Oregon computer store retailer that built a successful on-site computer repair business through Pay Per click and organic search engine optimization. Searching for “Internet consultant” or “search engine expert” today on nearly any search engine will find Scott Hendison on the front page, usually near the top of the results, with over 10 million competing web pages in this competitive field.

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