The more I use this automated SEO tool, the more little glitches I see that bug me. Besides making it better and adding more features, we need to be certain that everything here works as advertised. There are so many possible combiunations here, there we’re bound to have more tweaking.

i’ll start…

  1. Data pulled from pages is showing up on the first instance, but not in the summary. Namely, H1 data, Alt tags. More an annoyance than a bug, i guess.
  2. A “good” result” has the site’s actual favicon showing up visually on the top, but not on the bottom in summary. Since it says “can you see it here?” it would be preferable.
  3. No green checkmark for Image Alt Atribute in the top section for a positive result, and no listing of the individual tags in the summary – same as #1.
  4. Summary order doesn’t match the order the results fall in the top of the sute. Weird, not critical though.
  5. A site that is serving compressed pages is showing no, it’s not, but then lists the compression ration, then the compressed .html size. (THD)

I’m looking for help here, from anyone willing to give it. Help squash the rest of the bugs please? 🙂

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Scott Hendison was a Portland Oregon computer store retailer that built a successful on-site computer repair business through Pay Per click and organic search engine optimization. Searching for “Internet consultant” or “search engine expert” today on nearly any search engine will find Scott Hendison on the front page, usually near the top of the results, with over 10 million competing web pages in this competitive field.

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