Last week in Portland I gave a presentation to a small group of advanced Internet marketers, and I called it “The Truth About Backlinks“. It was about an hour and 15 minutes, and I thought it went very well.

I included some of the slides I used at SearchFest, but expanded on them with some added information about blog networks, including how we use them and which ones we still use.

Then, I also talked a lot about indexing, and gave away some software which I own distribution rights for that has been very instrumental in helping us get lists of URL’s indexed.

Paid members here at SEO Automatic are always able to attend my own Portland presentations in person for no charge, (both for the advanced group or for the beginners group), but I thought I would make the slides and software download available to the entire SEO Automatic membership, which now number over 3200.

Because the slides give you a software download as well as some proprietary information that I’d rather not make fully public, you  DO have to login to download the PPT presentation and the indexing software. Enjoy!

[private_free]Download the slides and the software here[/private_free]


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