SEM Rush

Look for Easy Improvements

There are likely dozens of phrases that could be considered “low hanging fruit”, because you’re already ranking for some of them. This tool could help you uncover some gems that may otherwise be unknown to you.

Type in a domain name to see up to ten search phrases for which you already rank, and see how quickly you can improve their position from page one to page two with just a little on-page tweaking, and a couple of links.





Get no Results?
If you type in your domain name and get nothing, then I’m afraid you may have a ways to go before that low hanging fruit gets ripe. You’re not ranking for anything substantial yet. However, you might want to try it directly at SEM Rush just to be sure.

Why do these phrases matter?
You want to have an impact quickly, but getting ranked for brand new phrases can take weeks. By identifying the “low hanging fruit” and determining which phrases are already ranking on page 2 and 3, you can quickly pop to page one with just a little work.

The tool we used to use most often was called SEO Digger, and in 2009, they became SEM Rush, for which we’re now a partner and affiliate.

We appreciate use of their API here, but the results are far more comprehensive in their environment, so why not try it out there?

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