Lotus Jump

The Lotus Jump tool creates a list of link building activities, and just one single report can save hours of research time.  It’s not our own tool, but we’ve affiliated with them because it’s truly an automatic process, and seemed like a perfect fit.

The moment I saw the Lotus Jump demo at their Pubcon booth in December,  I asked about involvement for SEO Automatic. They said on the spot they’d be happy to offer SEO Automatic users a free trial.

When it comes to commenting on blogs, answering questions, or posting on forums, half the battle is figuring out where to go, and usually that has to be done before you even consider what you’re going to write.

I think if you try this just once, and see how much time it can save you, you’ll be floored. What you’ll find is an incredibly detailed list of places you can go and participate in the conversation about your subject or industry.

Actually, I think if theres any “problem” with Lotus Jump, it’s that it finds almost too much to do, so you need to develop a discriminating eye, and know the value of the pages it suggests. Once you can evaluate the suggestions intelligently, it’s not that much work. Try it out and see…

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