Partner Tools

There are several tools that we wish we’d developed ourselves, and we’ve affiliated with them to use their API. We support and recommend them highly, and hope you like ’em too.

SEM Rush

SEMRush is a service for competitive research, and it will show Google organic keywords. Try it on your own domain to see what you might rank for. If you follow the links to their site, you can even run your competitors, and see the ads they’re using in AdWords, and even see their keywords and spending!

Authority Labs

Enter a batch of phrases and see where you rank on out instant analysis tool, or investigate the branded keyword reports that can be delivered regularly.  Why should you have to “do” your clients SERP reports, when they can be run, tracked and emailed to you automatically?

Lotus Jump

Where can you go build links in your niche? An SEO intern might spend hours and hours researching and documenting potential link development opportunities. Forums, blogs etc. can all be useful, but the research eats up as much time as the work! Let this tool do the list gathering for you!

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