Market Me Suite – Branded Twittering

The market for SEO tools is saturated with hundreds of different products, so it’s important to me to get the SEO Automatic name out there whenever we can. The more you see and hear the name “SEO Automatic”,  the better.

I’ve used a program that lets me brand my Tweet signature, and you can do the same thing for your own Twitter account with Market Me Suite and drive people to your own message.

When reading peoples Tweets, I’ve looked what people post and can often see that they are coming from various management programs, like HootSute, TweetDeck or Seesmic.

Last spring though, I came across some software called Market Me Suite that not only helps better organize my Twitter use, but it also manages multiple Twiiter profiles, it schedules future tweets, and it even has a “branding” feature for every Tweet I make.

When I first tried the software, although it worked pretty well, I ABSOLUTELY HATED it for one reason – because the screen could not be maximized, and was only about 4 inches square.

Even the individual timeline panes themselves, for followers, @ replies and DM’s could not be enlarged beyond three – yes, THREE – items in the timeline. With ridiculously small scroll areas, although I saw the huge potential, with the small windows, for me, the app was completely unusable.

So, I sent in a support ticket, politely asking them if this was REALLY the way they designed it, or if I was missing something obvious. I also explained that maybe I was getting old and needed glasses, but I’d rather have a refund if that was “the way it is”.

They politely answered back within minutes that this was an early release and yes, down the road, they did intend to complete an entirely new interface, but for now, no, this was it.

I decided not to get a refund, and wait it out – although I played with the app a little bit more, I really couldn’t read anything, so thought I’d see what happened when they released their new interface.

That was back in February I think, and I recently got an e-mail that their new software was out, so I downloaded it, installed it, and began to use it immediately.

Wow – What a difference a few months makes!

I’m happy to report that not only is it fully resizable, but it does everything it’s supposed to do and a whole lot more. In addition to the unlimited Accounts, scheduled tweets, and branding, there are a SLEW of new functionality and features that can make you more efficient than ever.

Some of the new features are:

  • Post to multiple Twitter accounts at once
  • Facebook posting
  • integration
  • Auto RSS Tweets
  • Geo / Locational targeting
  • Smart following & unfollowing

Another nice thing is that they don’t leave you hanging to figure things out on your own, and have provided short concise training videos that are linked right from inside the application – For example, here’s one showing how to set up the branding feature…

All in all, I’ve yet to find a more comprehensive Twitter management tool, and I recommend it highly!

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