Core Tweaks Pro – WP Setup Plugin

When you install WordPress, you need a checklist like this:

  • Change the site title
  • Change the tagline
  • Change the default post category name
  • Change the permalinks
  • Change the default blogroll category name
  • Delete the default “Hello World” post
  • Delete default comment on the Hello World post
  • Add another Admin User
  • Add a sitemap page (DD site gen)
  • Add a contact page
  • Add a privacy policy
  • Add a robots meta tag to the header
  • Add a robots.txt file in the root
  • Set a default home pagechange uploads default from date archived
  • Enhance your RSS widget options

and that’s just the start of it!

Our plugin will save even the most seasoned WP user 20 to 30 minutes, so you may have saved dozens or even hundreds of hours with our free version already. This pro version is exactly the same, but we remove our branding in the WP admin panel and replace it with your own. YOUR company name, logo, text, blog feed, and even your own preferred links are placed in the WP admin.

With our popular free WordPress setup plugin, even the most seasoned expert can save 20 minutes with every WordPress installation.

However, as a web developer, ad agency, or consultant, you don’t want your client to end up with a WordPress installation that’s been branded with OUR company information, do you?

After numerous requests, we’re making versions available with your company name, your logo,  your chosen text, and your own reference URL’s, and it’s called Core Tweaks Pro.

On the setup screen for actually “running” the tool,  any mention of SEO Automatic will be removed too,  you may choose ALL of the text that appears before  any of the page options.

Finally, your company will have it’s own name on the WordPress menu, and the link to any “help” from us will be removed, so the client is 100% “yours”.

Future Compatibility

We don’t anticipate WordPress changing dramatically, and we do intend to keep the plugin compatible for the long haul, through many years of WordPress revisions..

Due to the ever changing nature of WP, your purchase comes with a guarantee of free upgrades at no charge for a period of one year.

After your one year purchase anniversary, if the plugin is not  compatible with the latest version then we do reserve the right to charge for a new version, which MAY cost up to 50% of your original purchase price.

Ready to try it?

Your one time fee grants you use on unlimited domains for you or for clients, along with our commitment to continued WordPress compatibility for years to come.

After payment, you’ll be taken to a form for submission of your company logo, info, and the text details for your plugin. More explicit details about how to get us your files will also be sent with your receipt email.

Product Options
1Core Tweaks Pro WP Setup$497.00
Order Core Tweaks Pro Plugin Core Tweaks Pro WP Setup @ $497.00

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