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This free plugin is based on the exact checklist of manual tasks used by all Search Commander, Inc. employees when setting up new WP blogs. Core Tweaks is hosted at

Using this plugin will set up all of the “correct” options for SEO by default in seconds, and will save even the most experienced WP user at least 20 or more minutes per installation.

This plugin is *not* intended to replace other SEO plugins like All in One, Headspace, Yoast, etc. It does only what they don’t, and as they add more features, we continue to remove anything redundant.

For novices, or those who may be unfamiliar with generally accepted WordPress SEO strategies, you can save untold hours and costly mistakes.

The Process
The plugin adds a new admin menu item called “SEO Automatic” and a sub-menu “Core Tweaks” , and extends the built-in features of WordPress menu management. (yes, a brandable “white label” version is available for marketing firms that wish to hide how easily they’ve perfected the clients blog.)

It also combines (with permission) the full functionality of several other plugins we’ve grown to love, and those are Page Order, Page Link Manager, Post teaser, and Dagon Design Sitemap Generator (For a static sitemap, not to be confused with the XML sitemap generator which is still recommended).

If you have ALREADY installed any of the three plugins above, you should deactivate them, and after ours, you’ll retain all of their awesome functionality.

== Completed Feature List ==

  1. Page Ordering for menu now available in WP
  2. Page Link Manager allows choice to not display page on menu
  3. Post Teaser shows snippet of posts on category, archive and main pages
  4. Change default post category name from “Uncategorized”
  5. Change default blogroll category name from “Blogroll”
  6. Delete default “Hello World” post
  7. Delete default comment on the Hello World post
  8. Change permalink structure to custom setting recommended by Scott & others
  9. Sets the Main Blog Email for convenience
  10. Sets the Admin User’s Email for convenience
  11. Change the name of the default page that WordPress adds from “About”.
  12. Set that default page to the static front page of the blog if using WP as a CMS
  13. Add and sets the page for displaying the posts for convenience
  14. Change article feed to summary (if desired)
  15. Remove all the blogroll links that are auto-installed by WordPress

Added changes from version 1.0b to 2.5

  1. Compatibility requirement for WordPress version 2.7 and later.
  2. Adjusted for compatibility with other plugins that use similar functions and features of WordPress that can cause conflicts.
  3. Corrected issue with deleting blogroll.
  4. Updated included plugins to current versions.
  5. Adding a new user will now add as an administrator. This was failing previously with role changes by WordPress.
  6. Sitemap page for Dagon Design Sitemap Generator now auto-creates with the correct shortcode.
  7. The blog tagline can be changed from the settings page.

Added with version 1.0b

  1. Page link manager is upgraded to 1.0b.
  2. Cleaning up file structure of plugin zip.
  3. New initial admin user can be added.
  4. H1 hack now auto changes thetitle() to singlepost_title() so that the h1 hack of changeH1 in the custom metas will work easily.
  5. Robot meta tag is added to the header.
  6. Auto creation of sitemap page for DDSiteMap Gen and removed from navigation menu.
  7. Auto creation of a robots.txt file in the blog root.
  8. Added change of H2 to H1 tags for current theme.
  9. Canonical Plugin now integrated. (Removed)
  10. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator integrated.

Added with version 0.9b

  1. Corrected Cheatin’ Huh message, but need more testing by beta testers to be sure since this requires a fresh WordPress install.
  2. Added ability to change blog description/tagline.
  3. Added attempt to create uploads folder and set permission to 777. (Will work depending on what your hosting server allows.)
  4. Added uncheck option for the organize uploads by month/year.

Added with version 0.8b

  1. Nofollow and open in new tab options added for the rss feed widget.
  2. Nofollow and open in new tab for any blogroll links added.
  3. A few other minor features for the blogroll, such as option to choose number of links shown, image links, text links, show links category, limit links displayed to a multiple categories.
  4. rel=”nofollow” added for Link Relatations (XFN). The checkbox to do this is on the right hand side when editing a link. This now sets the rel to nofollow and works in conjuntion with the built-in XFN of WordPress’s link relations.
  5. Scott’s Secret WordPress H1 Hack.
  6. Meta tag for WordPress version number removes from the header automatically for security purposes.

== Pending Feature List ==

== Using this plug-in==

  1. The admin control panel is located in SEO Automatic > Core Tweaks
  2. Post Teaser is located in Settings > Post Teaser and has a checkbox option to turn it off at the top.
  3. Page Link Manager is located in Tools > Page Links
  4. Page Order is located in Pages > My Page Order
  5. RSS Extended is located in Appearance > Widgets as RSS(Extended)
  6. Blogroll options are in Appearance > Widgets as Links(Extended)
  7. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator is under Settings > DDSitemapGen

== Installation ==

Important notice:

This plugin is primarily for new installations. Therefore, if you are already using a plugin that will now be controlled by the WP_Core_Tweak plugin, upon activation, you will receive the following error:

“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

Don’t be alarmed. Read the error to see which plugin is still active, deactivate it, and activate the WP_Core_Tweak plugin again.

The plugins for which this happens are…

  1. Page Order, which easily allows you to determine the order of the pages that appear on your menu.
  2. Page Link Manager, which adds an admin panel to choose which pages appear in the site navigation.
  3. Post teaser limits the number of characters that appearing on a category, archive or index page.
  4. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator auto generates a sitemap of your blog.

Installation is easy –

  1. Unzip the download
  2. Upload the entire folder: `sc-wp-core-tweaks` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  3. If you are currently using any of the plugins included in sc-wp-core-tweaks, it’s highly recommended to deactivate them before activating core tweaks.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Review options in WP Admin > SEO Automatic > Core Tweaks
  6. Note that the Post Teaser, Page Link Manager, Page Order,  and Dagon Design Sitemap Generator plugins will automatically be installed with this plugin and can still be found in the normal locations and used the same as always.

The Core Tweaks download is hosted at

Download the wp-core-tweaks plugin

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