White Label SEO Reviews

You can give your own instant SEO Review with the URL checker we have integrated into our SEO Tools Pro plugin for WordPress, editing your own advice, and removing all SEO Automatic branding from the results.

Ensure your compatibility first with the free version of SEO tools from WordPress.org.

Assuming that runs fine, then check out the Pro version to get all 20 ranking factors, and remove the result screen backlink. It’s really that easy!

Both the free and Pro versions let you edit all of the definitions, all of the advice, all of the links, and even prioritize important factors however YOU wish. In other words, the tool does what it does, and you are the expert that tells your user what to do with the results, and what YOU consider to be important.

The plugin does come pre-filled with our information about the ranking factors, but every aspect may be edited inside of your own WordPress admin section, including:

  • What items to test for
  • What to call the “problems”
  • Whether an item is high or medium priority
  • What to label the “Well?” button
  • Specifically define / explain each ranking factor
  • Choose thresholds for “too large” or “too many links”
  • What to tell the end user about each ranking factor
  • Provide your own links for deeper explanations

Sure you could develop your own tool like this, but WHY WOULD YOU, when it’s now a simple WordPress plug-in you can buy?

The short video on the right shows you how easy it is to use it on your own WordPress installation immediately after installation of the plugin.  How much time might this save if you have to review pages on a regular basis?

There are numerous creative ways to use it and you can likely come up with plenty of others too.

The video below is a bit longer at 4 1/2 minutes, and shows the entire installation and setup process of the SEO Tools plugin on your domain.

  • Are you a provider of organic search services?
  • Do you have strong opinions about these on-page SEO factors?
  • Want to use this SEO Review for lead generation?
  • Could you refer users to additional content of your own?

Then this plugin is for you…

Share with clients… or NOT!
Even if you never wish to show clients that this tool exists, and you were to use it only for internal SEO evaluations, you now have a web based “employee” that can run all the SEO assessments you need on demand, saving countless hours.

The days of spending half an hour or more for each URL, and looking at the same factors over and over again to provide professional feedback are over.

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