WordPress Plugins

WordPress mechanicWe have three free WordPress plugins, and two “white label”  or “brandable” plugins for developers and SEO firms.

We developed them to help automate things that were already being done manually, allowing us to focus on marketing websites instead of doing repetitive tasks.

SEO Tools Plugin

Nearly all of the proprietary tools available here on this site are available to run in your own domain.  We’ve included the instant URL checker, the keyword multiplier, the anchor text variance tool, the bulk site: search, and even the RSS feed creator.  Read more about it here, or try the free version hosted at WordPress.

Core Tweaks Setup Plugin

With over 30,000 downloads from the WordPress repository, this plugin has saved countless man-hours for developers.  The tasks that it completes are based upon the original checklist for every WP installation at Search Commander, Inc. and will save you 20 minutes minimum with EVERY use no matter how fast you think you are at a WP setup, and the advanced options can save even more time, even including a Google map integration.

Our Profiles

Easy WordPress plugin that allows you to get nice looking logos and links to all of your profile pages, from 23 different services, including Yelp, Google Places, and anywhere that your customers and clients can leave reviews. This plugin is invaluable, and includes a shortcode,  a widget, and two icon sizes.

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