Learn – SEO 101

imageThese are the basics, where Scott Hendison has personally written all the content. While this is over 10 years old, the content is pretty much “evergreen” in the sense that the concepts are still correct. However, some things are no longer ranking factors, like keyword tags and description tags, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what they are, and use them appropriately.

Beginning search marketers can get a quick education here, but this area is not intended for advanced advanced knowledge.

Brand new internet marketers trying to improve their search results should read the articles in this order… –
Is that all clear and easily understood? If you ‘re already seasoned internet marketing professional, looking for cutting edge techniques, optimization tips and search strategy, and there articles bore you to tears, then you’ll be better off OUT of this area.
However, if you found those valuable, here are two more “must read” lessons.

If you’ve read those, and there was nothing you can’t handle, then you’re pretty far along the learning curve, and for you, after completing these factors, then it’s pretty much all about building links and increasing your credibility (i.e. your social reputation.)

Have you looked at some of the recommended link building options in our SEO Toolbar?  That’s where you’re likely to get the most value out of our site, and don’t forget to diversify your linkbuilding strategy.

Finally, if you’re in Portland, Oregon, I offer regular opportunities to learn search marketing in person, with me, once a month. Are you a member here?  If so, you’ll get our monthly newsletter announcing the meetings.  Why not join?


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