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One of the first things any qualified SEO should tell you, is that it’s impossible to offer any guarantee for organic search rankings.

However, I’ve built my reputation by guaranteeing client satisfaction, and there’s a big difference.

When it comes to what may be “wrong” with a particular URL for search, I’m 110% confident in my knowledge of the organic search industry, and in the effectiveness & accuracy of my SEO Automatic tool, and I can offer you this complete guarantee:

Your Instant SEO Report will be the most comprehensive review of organic search ranking factors that you’ve ever received.

The advice my tool provides will guide you, will guide your staff, and will guide your developers down the proper road to organic success.

The facts determined by this tool will not be challenged by any future SEO firm you may hire.

If that happens, you are not only entitled to a refund, but I’d like to know who these Bozos might be, so I can straighten them out.

That’s it


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